Money wellness and literacy courses and workshops with a difference!

We exist to educate, empower and enable people to make informed financial decisions by teaching fundamental money management skills and financial literacy; with a strong focus on fun and mental well-being.

We achieve this through the delivery of innovative training programmes; integrating personal growth and financial education to equip our clients with practical skills and lasting behaviours, essential to attaining tangible improvements in income and wealth.

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Sacha Dsane
Benevolent Business Owner
Our service has been compared to a cross between Martin Lewis and Tony Robbins with an edgy twist! Nice to be amongst great company! 🙂 Such a huge compliment.
A good thing about talking to people "in the know" is mistakes CAN be avoided AND time and money SAVED!
Why work with us...

The solution to money worries that’s easy to understand and effortless to apply!

Practical principles for all ages
Practical principles for all ages
A proactive approach to money management develops positive attitudes and behaviour. Prevention or early intervention is better than cure! We help develop positive essential habits that enable you to capitalise on opportunities and expand your mindset.
Let’s talk about money
Let’s talk about money
Discussing money can be daunting however, our team of talent will help you gain clarity on the ‘how’s and why’s’ enabling you to feel more confident making deliberate decisions. Ain't no shame in the money game...we've all made mistakes!
Learn great money skills
Learn great money skills
We don’t provide financial advice, but we do offer support, guidance and financial wisdom enabling you to make informed choices. We offer inspiring and thought provoking courses and workshops.
Create positive money mindset
Create positive money mindset
Financial Harmony believe a large part of money management is mindset, as well as following fundamental principles, that we’ll show you how to master. Like it or not, money affects most aspects of our lives including mental health. Easing financial pressures can positively impact well-being.
Making money fun
Making money fun
We know it’s a serious subject and treat it as such; while keeping a good sense of humour! We teach the skills and principles to help provide a more balanced, less stressful life, in an enjoyable and interesting way!
Feel confident about money
Feel confident about money
A lack of financial knowledge can prove unnecessarily expensive! It goes beyond seeing someone you ‘think’ has the answers. It’s about truly understanding what you’re being told and confidently knowing how this may impact you now and in the future.
This course was absolutely key to helping me turn my finances around. Anything to do with money just felt stressful and scary but after the course I felt calmer and clearer and knew exactly where to focus my attention. This course was life changing for me and I'd highly recommend it
TESTIMONIAL - Patti, Mother and Business Owner
Learn easy ways to...
Gain control of your finances
Improve overall mental health and well-being
Choose financial products that benefit your personal situation
Understand common terms and services and how to benefit
Savings tips, debt reduction and much more!

PLEASE NOTE – The service Financial Harmony provides is financial education and guidance intended to improve knowledge and understanding of financial matters. We aim to disrupt limiting mindsets, habits and language by building confidence, sharing wisdom enabling people to understand and prepare for the many decisions that lay ahead. We encourage goal setting and planning to assist in the achievement of goals. The information does NOT constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it’s right for your specific circumstances. We will never provide you with specific advice nor make any recommendations relating to the sale, purchase or alteration of any financial product you own or plan to buy, including pension, saving, investment, insurance, credit and debt arrangements or mortgage. We will not suggest you alter, discard, or liquidate an existing product, including any debt you hold. All information shared is used at your own risk and we cannot accept liability if things go wrong.

Our service is not regulated by the financial conduct authority (FCA). If you require a recommendation or opinion on existing or new financial arrangements, you should seek advice from a regulated independent financial adviser or, in the case of debt, a regulated debt counsellor. Should you need regulated financial advice, we will assist you in understanding the different types of financial advice available, including any companies offering free advice and direct you to websites where you can search for a regulated adviser.